Thursday, May 05, 2022

Attend To You!


Everyday is my day to be special.

Today is a celebration of my life.

I am willing to give myself the very best for me.

I listen within and honor myself with what is good for me.

Pay Attention to You!

What matters to you?

What is good for you?

What makes you feel good?

What makes your life meaningful for you?

When you are aware of these things, you can be a happy and healthy person.

Take a little assessment of the life you have created for yourself.

Focus on the good stuff, your favorite ways to live and love.

Be honest with what really, really works for you.

What is your favorite work?

What do you love to do that some would call work?

What is your favorite play?

How do you love to have fun and enjoy life/?

What is your favorite time of day?

Do you use it wisely and well?

Who is your favorite person?

How do you spend your time together?

What is your favorite way to reward yourself?

Do you conscientiously give yourself what you want?

How do you praise yourself with thoughts and words?

Have you ever written a love note or affirmations for you?

What is your favorite way to receive affection?

Do you purposely give hugs, hold hands or receive a back rub/massage?

What do you like to do when you have a little extra free time?

Do you give yourself free time to do what you really want?

What is your favorite way to be served?

Are you fully appreciating how you are served? ( paid service and gifts?)

Do you enjoy all services? (haircuts, manicure,, a nice meal, any and all helpfulness?)

The more we appreciate ourselves and others consciously, the more it will be given.

Stop taking yourself for granted!

Every time you give yourself “favor”, your life will be especially for you.

The more you love yourself everyday in every way, the more you will feel valued.

Your life is yours to love unconditionally, serve from your heart and remember the Good in You.

You deserve the very best which only You Can Give!

I am here with you and for you.

In truth, I Am You.

And We Are One.

Betty Lue