Wednesday, April 06, 2022



I find joy and satisfaction in work.

Work is play for me and I call it “PLORK”.

I feel happy with my life and the work I do everyday.

There is always fulfillment in learning, creating, giving and serving.

Work = Willing - Open -  Responsible - Kind

Are you willing to work?

Are you open to your work?

Are you responsible for your work?

Are you kind to your work?

When we are willing, open, responsible and kind with ourselves and our work, we will be content.

When we allow ourselves to do the work we are here to do, we will bet happy.

When we respond to our lives with the work that is ours to do, we will be satisfied.

When we are kind and considerate to our life work, we will be fulfilled.

Life at it best is work.

Relationships, well done, are work.

Parenting with excellence is work.

Managing out life journey successfully is work.

There is no doubt about life, especially when we are blessed with good fortune, life is work.

The problem may be that some people learn to avoid, neglect and even hate to work.

There is a belief that we can skate by and escape the work in life.

Anything done well, requires work.

There is work in staying conscious.

There is work in correcting our mistakes.

There is work in choosing wisely.

There is work in making a difference.

There is work in loving well.

There is work in staying awake.

There is work in healing the past.

There is work in forgiveness.

There is work in being grateful.

There is work in respect ourselves and others.

There is work in keeping ourselves clean and sober.

There is work in learning a better way to live.

There is work in trusting and freeing ourselves.

There is work in learning to live successfully.

Life is a work in progress.

Whether living well or dying well, there is always work.

Whether work is mental, physical, emotional, relational or worldly, there is always work.

Whether you work long and hard or short and soft, there is work to be done.

Work requires focus. 

Work invites us to be committed. 

Work takes action.

Work is sometimes hard and sometimes easy.

When you learn to enjoy working, you enjoy life.

When you appreciate the work you do, you appreciate your work.

When you value the outcome of successful work, you honor the work you do.

When you see the gift of your work, you see it happy, healthy and holy.

So let us work together to have a really good life.

Betty Lue