Sunday, April 10, 2022

Our 37th Anniversary


Love creates miracles of Love.

Trusting always and only in Spirit sets me free to Love.

Relationships are to remind us of the Love We Are.

I give our relationship Love and Goodness and only this I serve.

Our Spiritual Union: Robert and Betty Lue

April 10 is the 37th anniversary of our true wedding.

The question was asked by Betty Lue from my Inner Guidance:

“Will You wed with me In Christ?” 

Both Robert and I said “Yes.”

Little did we know this would be our spiritual wedding.

Little did we prophecy that we would be married legally.

Little did we know that we would be life partners to serve and be on call for all Good and only Good.

Little did we know how blessed, peaceful and truly full\filling our relationship and partnership would be.

We did not know each other, personally or professionally.

We were not aware of each other’s past or spiritual interests.

We were following our inner guidance when we sat down together for a few moments at Reunion Center.

The question was asked and Robert said “Yes" without suspecting it had to do with a spiritual wedding.

There are many stories within our life together as spiritual partners and true friends.

We have grown and learned, healed and experienced our holiness both personally and spiritually.

We have taught thousands of people over five states and more than 30 holistic spiritual centers.

Our lives have been peaceful, prosperous, adventuresome and challenging.

While our schedule and responsibilities look complex and overwhelming to many, we live simply.

Every day we have our own spiritual practice to do what we need in silence to care for ourselves.

We each have our chosen functions and roles to play which complement and complete our work.

There is time for relaxation, each sharing and enjoyment in our coming together as each day ends.

Yes, we harmonize and calm one another.

We listen and really hear one another.

We begin each day anew with respect.

We end each day with gratitude and love.

No arguments or fighting in 37 years, because we care most about our calling to serve.

No blaming or criticism in 37 years, because we are here to learn about love without conditions.

No need to fixing or changing the other, because we know we can only change ourselves as we grow.

Only the call to fully love, trust, respect, appreciate and enjoy one another’s company and we do!

We have eight grandchildren (not all blood related), plus many others who come to us for a while.

We each have two children, but many more who are children of our heart.

We see ourselves as young with inspiration and ideals, but elders with wisdom and worldly experience.

We laugh more than ever before, delighting in the rich goodness of our lives and the comfort in our union.

Our outer life is full with three centers in Contra Costa County and Lake County.

We maintain and administer to them with ease and grace, allowing the natural flow of service.

We offer everything we do to be used by those around us for the good of the community of humanity.

We enjoy the inspired work we do every day, even when challenging and hard physically.

Life is always fun, safe and easy when we give it all to Good, for Goodness Sake!

We do this All for Love with Love for All.

Loving our commitment to Love no matter what.

Betty Lue