Thursday, April 28, 2022

Let Go and Change


I freely and easily change what is no longer for the Good of all.

I forgive myself for blocking or limiting healthy change in my life.

I easily let go and use my life energy for creating more Good.

Life is changing and I am transforming  and I give thanks. 

Change and Transformation

Letting go allows change.

Love is Trust and Freedom.

When we let go with freedom and trust, Love flows.

Love is the transforming power of energy flowing.

When energy flows, there is change.

Where energy goes, there is healing and creativity.

Who we are as inspired beings, is every evolving creation.

We are here to transform, transmute and create.

When we perceive our creations, we can see this is Good or not.

When we recognize what we have created, we can say I like this or not.

When we experience all we have created, we can choose to appreciate or judge.

When we evaluate our creations, we can let go, change or transform it all.

Life is our creation.

We are here to complete, what we have started, to undo what is not our best and to leave the rest.

We may stay too long, trying to fix or erase or make wrong, blame and deface.

We may leave too soon, without acknowledging the work we done and not learning what is ours.

We can choose to stay with our work until complete and leave with satisfaction.

We can get angry or hurt and believe it is theirs not ours we are here to undo.

We can feel proud of what is ours to have and hold and cherish forever.

We can simply receive the gifts as we share them freely and move on to create again.

Life offers infinite opportunities to see the creative potential within.

Life shows us how it all works together for good when we own our part.

Life is the canvas on which we can see what is our responsibility.

When we recognize the artist, we can learn from the art, for it is ours.

How can we walk away from our lives without saying “This is Good!”?

How can we ignore what we are here for is to create the Good we want?

How can we not notice the beauty we perceive comes from within the eye of the seer?

How can we refuse to acknowledge the life we experience is ours to choose or change?

It is time we appreciate our creations and forgive our mis-creations.

Actually, is time we forgive our judgments, blame and guilt for any and every miscreation.

Transform every thought, word and deed, every creation into what is Good, Beautiful and Whole.

We learned.

We created. 

We experimented. 

We explored.

We tried.

We experienced. 

And We now know better.

This is how we have learned and what we have learned.  

This is all Good.

Blessings for how we learn to create and re-create what is for the Good of All.

Betty Lue