Friday, April 08, 2022

How Can You Tell?


I choose to smile and laugh at the many silly life experiences.

I can see the humor in our human dilemmas.

I maintain and offer a healthy, happy and harmonious home.

I feel safe, good and loved, and easily get along with others.

How Can You Tell?

Can you tell if people feel safe?

Can you tell if you are in Love?

Can you tell if all is well?

Can you tell if your family is getting along?

Are they laughing?

Are they talking?

Are they smiling?

Are they enjoying?

When people are content, they smile and laugh and share.

When people are peaceful, they get along.

When people feel loved, they respond with enjoyment.

When people feel good, they are grateful and enjoy one another.

The work is to create more positive relationships.

The gift of love we give is to laugh, smile, and enjoy.

The place of peace we offer is one of order and harmony.

The life we choose can be safe, loving, healthy and harmonious.

What is more valuable than to offer safety and Love?

What is more healing than to provide peace and reassurance?

What helps people get along better than to enjoy their company?

What encourages your family better than to laugh and smile?

When we see someone who seems unloving, they may not feel safe.

When someone doesn’t feel safe, they may not feel loved.

When we relate to people who do not smile and laugh, they may not be content.

When those around us do not seem happy and peaceful, loving and safe, they need us to give to them.

Let us make it our calling to help, inspired and be open to others.

Let us give love to those who seem lacking in love.

Let us share our peace with those who seem discontent or fearful.

Let us share our joy with those who seem unhappy and serious.

We never know what is needed unless we pay attention.

We may misunderstand when we misinterpret others’ behavior.

We may misjudge others’ intentions when we do not see what is really needed.

We may make gross mistakes by assuming the underlying motivation of others behavior or words.

Be awake and aware.

Pay attention to what is being said and done.

Listen to your own feelings and inner voice.

Respond to all things with love and peace.

Remember, you cannot go wrong when you respond to all thins with loving kindness.

You cannot make a mistake when you smile with encouragement and support.

You cannot frighten or upset others with you listen with respect and seek to understand.

You cannot hurt another by being respectful and sincere in your desire to offer peace.

Those who sincerely care, seek always for a path of peace and love.

Betty Lue