Sunday, April 24, 2022

Being Helpful


I choose to be helpful with positive and freeing thoughts.

I open my mind to create what is truly helpful to all.

I let go of limitation, lack and littleness with ease.

I naturally relinquish all complaints, criticism and commiseration.

Want To Be Helpful?

If you want to be helpful, focus on the solution.

If you want to be of service, make the desired outcome the goal.

If you want to show you care, be positive and creative.

If you want to find the answer, be trusting and be open-minded.

Life works when we know it is working.

Answers come when we believe they are there.

Solutions show up when we trust they will come.

Help arrives when we are absolutely certain it will.

How can it be that what we want to see can be?

How do we know that everything works together for good.

Trust and you will see what you believe will be.

Doubt, judgment and fear interferes.

Experiment with believing and doubt.

Try out believing all will be well and see how you feel.

Try out doubting nothing will work and see how you feel.

One has positive, even happy hopeful energy and the other not.

What do you believe?

50 yrs ago I believed “What goes up must come down.”

I saw it as simply a “learned belief” and turned it around.

“Everything just gets better and better.”

Consider that your life is showing you exactly what you imagine and believe.

Notice what you must think and feel, say and do to have the experiences you have.

Notice what you share with others and what they share with you.

If you are agreeing with their negative or limiting beliefs, are you being truly helpful.

Life is a projector screen, showing us the movie in our minds.

When our ideas are limiting or even disastrous, the movie will be the same.

It is time to show the movie that we prefer, the movie we choose.

We can be most helpful to ourselves and others with the beliefs we really want.

Take time to change your mind.

Think positive helpful and creative thoughts.

Feel hopeful encouraging emotions.

Give yourself opportunities to be truly helpful.

Loving you and all, 

Betty Lue