Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Limiting Patterns


I choose what is highest and best for me.

I do what feels right and happy for me.

I quickly and easily stop behaviors that are unhealthy.

I keep what is positive and let go of what is negative.

Interrupt Limiting Patterns!

When you see yourself, keep repeating the same limiting pattern, STOP.

When you find yourself doing the same thing over and over, stop, forgive and choose again.

Stop early and wait for the right and perfect step to take.

Stop when you feel something is not best and trust the solution.

When you have a bad habit, you need to interrupt the pattern.

When you have a repeating situation, you need to stop the pattern.

When you have an experience that keeps showing up, there is a past pattern to identify and undo. 

When anything in your life is not good for you, it is a wakeup call to stop its origin.

Life is a series of three situations, past, present and future.

Thus, three levels of pattern interrupts:

Past Patterns require Forgiveness!

Present Patterns requires an Interruption.

Future Patterns require Conscious Choice.

Forgiveness is erasing, deleting or undoing the Past and what seemed to be “right” at the time.

We can forgive ourselves for not knowing any better.

We can forgive others for teaching, encouraging and showing us their beliefs.

We can delete prior programing and choose again for what is “right” for us.

Interruption in the Present is choosing anything that makes us more aware.

Interruption is making conscious choices to interrupt the unhealthy pattern.

Pattern interrupts cause us to stop and be more present with our initial choice.

In situations that feels wrong, bad, negative or unhealthy requires a willingness to stop and choose again.

Conscious Choice in the Future requires Visualization and Affirmation of what is right and good.

When stopping a limiting pattern, we need to clear the archived memories and be present with choice.

When clearing unhealthy habits, we must undo what doesn’t work and choose for what does work.

To be fully conscious in our choices, we must observe our thoughts, feelings and words.

This is the beginning of undoing limiting patterns.

Notice what you have done.

Observe what you are doing.

Delete prior programming with forgiveness and affirmation.

Choose again what is highest and best for you.

The way to correct errors we make is to forgive all judgments, see things differently and choose again.

Trust yourself to learn every step of the way.

Judgments keep us stuck, 

Forgiveness sets us free.

Encouraging you to break unhealthy patterns in thinking, speaking and behaving!

Betty Lue