Thursday, March 17, 2022

Go Green!


I live clean and green, sober and satisfied, awake and inspired.

I honor my spiritual and earthly home.

I integrate Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother.

I am the child of heaven and earth, born from Divine Love into this Earthly Body. 

Full Moon Tomorrow AM

The full moon will be early Friday 12:17AM PDT

*** Our full moon thought for March ***from

We live in times, where we are painfully aware of how war reaches and shocks us inside, no matter how far away we may be from it. Wars run through human history and leave a long trail of devastation, as much as in the visible world, as in our thoughts and feelings. Destruction and violence are probably as old as our longing for peace and love. And we fall into a profound confrontation with our values and ask ourselves what we can do for a harmonious life. War starts from within and alongside the good deeds we do in the world, we as human beings can begin to confront ourselves with the destructive forces within us. And with the life-affirming aspects of our existence. Perhaps it will thus be possible to create a new consciousness in small steps that will help to set us off into a peaceful future, together with our children and grandchildren ...from

Go Green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

No pinching for those who forget everyday is good for green foods and a green planet.

We all need to remember what is healthy for the planet is healthy for us.

We are the children of the earth and of the sky.

Humanity is born from Spirit into our Earth Home.

We have an opportunity to honor both.

We are here to integrate inspiration and work.

We are here to bring our intrinsic love and inspiration to heal and nurture our earthly body.

Together we rise up and fly free.

Together we purify and beautify.

Together we join in harmony and peace.

Together we create Goodness and wholeness for all.

Consider this day as an invitation to bring everyone to honor their home and humanity.

Consider making the date as a day of loving service to what is clean and green.

Consider using the 17th of March as a wakeup call to be sober in our living consciously.

Consider the history of St Patrick as a reminder to serve those who are calling for help. 

Clean and sober, awake and aware, honest and honorable, trusting and trustworthy,

Give what you want your world to be.

Seek what you want to see.

Live the dream of happiness and peace.

When you listen deep within, you will hear the sound of peace in your mind.

When you listen deep inside, you will feel where the call to love abides.

When you allow the silence, you will reclaim the guidance to bring you home.

When you live with conscience as your guide, you will be the love you seek.

Inner sight and Insight calls us to the color green on the blue and green planet Earth..

When we honor our inner and outer waters and woods, nature abides in harmony in us.

When we live celebrating the Good we know, the freedom we have, we claim our birthright.

When we earn our living giving and serving, loving and learning, we feel happy and holy.

Each one of us can claim what is ours, the grace and gratitude of being fully alive.

Our true place in the son is loving everyone you as brother, sister and friend.

No one is left out when we remember what this world is all about.

Together we thrive and stay really alive.

With silence and song, we all get along.

When we forget our beginnings, we get lost coming home.

When we remember our One Self, we are easily always there.

At home and in service, there we are two places in One.

Happy St Patricks’ Day, remembering to Go Green and live clean!

Loving us all as we remember Love and return to Wholeness and Harmony,

Betty Lue

Since I am reinterpreting this day, you might want to know some interesting info:

St. Patrick’s Day (Thursday) –Patron Saint of Ireland

Born in England in the 4th century.

Kidnapped by pirates at age 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave.

He escaped back to England and studied to be a priest.

In 432, he was sent as a Bishop to convert Ireland 

from Polytheism worshipped the sun and the moon.

 He also created and taught at many schools along Ireland's west coast. 

Used shamrock as a symbol to explain the holy trinity—Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The four-leaf clover brings good luck 

According to legend, each leaf represents something: hopefaithloveluck.

Died in 461 after 30 years of ministry.