Thursday, February 17, 2022

Words Create!


I respect the power of words

I forgive words that hurt and limit.

I choose words that heal and free.

I create thoughts and words to benefit myself and others.

Listen to Your Words!

What are you creating with your words?

What stories are you telling?

What are you teaching your children?

What message are you giving yourself?

Every word creates.

Thoughts are pictures you hold in mind.

What you think and say and do is created through you.

What you say teaches everyone everyday.

Choose your words consciously and carefully.

Be aware that your speech teaches and reaches others’ thoughts.

Be aware that what you say influences others words as well.

Be aware that you cannot take back what you have said.

When you tell stories about others, you are telling on yourself.

Your ideas and words leave impressions on others thoughts about you.

Your stories about the past cause the past experiences to be recreated.

Your gossip about others keep your judgments fresh in others’ minds.

Words recreate the experience associated with the words.

Telling yesterdays’ news creates it again today.

It is important to receive the words we say.

We are messengers of what is beneficial or harmful. 

We can let our conscience be our guide.

If our memories reflect what is beautiful and good, so be it.

If our memories contain what is ugly and bad, release it.

If our minds are open to what is helpful and kind, let it be shared.

We are purveyors of inspiration or destruction.

We are messengers of light of darkness.

We are speakers for happiness or desperation.

We are teachers of higher truth or limiting beliefs.

We are responsible for our thoughts, words and actions.

We are responsible and able to respond with love or react with fear.

We are responsible to erase the negative and speak with kindness.

We are responsible to forgive our errors and share the best we know.

Let it be so,

Consciously and respectfully, 

Betty Lue