Sunday, February 20, 2022



I wake up and give gratitude for each day.

I reach out with love to those in my life.

I share the best wisdom I have, when I am asked.

I treat my brothers and sisters, as I want to be treated.

Life Is For Giving!

Give only your best.

Give always good news.

Give what is healthy.

Give inspiration.

When we give, we have forgiven.

When we withhold our Gifts, we have judged.

When we forgive our withholds, our natural state is giving.

When we are genuinely giving, we are loving and receiving love.

It is natural to give.

It is healthy to give.

It is inspiring to give.

It is good to give.


Your smile is your gift.

Your appreciation is your gift.

Your caring is your gift.

Your trust is your gift.

It takes so little to give so much.

Appreciate each one you encounter.

Value each day you live.

Enjoy each opportunity to contribute.

Help a friend.

Smile at a neighbor.

Thank a sales clerk.

Hug your children.

Clean up your yard.

Offer a freshly cooked meal.

Give a contribution to a good cause.

Share your love with a shut-in.

Take time to write a thank you note.

Offer a blessing of kindness to one who is hurting.

Be aware of how good it feels to be truly helpful.

Enjoy the opportunity to make someone’s day.

Take the time to Give Love today.

Love is what you are after.

All is takes is gratitude and laughter.

Give yourself to Love.

You make all the difference in my world.

Loving you each and everyday,

Betty Lue

The only mistake we ever make is when we forget to Love. 

Betty Lue