Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Know Your Self


I take time to listen to myself.

I love, trust, respect and appreciate Who I Am.

Everyday in every way I am better.

I treat myself with the best I know.

Know Your True Self

You are more than what others see.

You are more than what you do.

You are more than your education or vocation.

You are more than what you imagine yourself to be.

Tell your story of your glory.

What have you overcome?

What are the places where you have soared above the crowd?

How are you unusual and extraordinary?

Tell yourself the truths you know.

Speak or write where you long to go.

What do you really want to be and see?

How long will you wait to unravel the mystery?

Life seems to happen to us. But wait!

What if life is happening through us.

We learn. We help. We see.

Listen to the inner world of mystery.

Pay attention to the ones around you.

See them as what you have attracted.

Pay attention to whom you have loved.

They are the parts of you you long to be.

Listen for the sounds you love to hear.

They are the music of inspiration to you.

Listen for the advice you long to know.

Follow it with discernment until you let go.

Show up for conversations that inspire you.

Show up for experiences that grow you.

Show up for relationships that teach you.

Show up for helping that reaches your heart.

You are more than you know.

You are your words of gentle truth.

You are your loving touch.

You are your actions that love so much.

Have you not seen the good you do?

Have you not known how dreams come true?

Have you not heard the love for you?

Have you not listened the voice of healing in you?

It is time to discover what lives within you.

Loving you dearly.

Betty Lue