Saturday, December 04, 2021



I teach by example.

Others learn from what I do.

I choose to give my best and forgive the rest.

I live my life with respect and take responsibility for my words and actions.

Are You Mature?

Do you act responsibly?

Do you take care of your home and bills?

Do you care for your body and health?

Do you treat your loved ones with respect?

Using inappropriate language is not mature.

Taking advantage of others is not mature.

Blaming, shaming and denigrating others is not mature.

Doing harm to yourself and others is not mature.

Neglecting to apologize for mistakes is not mature.

Forgetting please and thank you is not mature.

Fighting and arguing to win is not mature. 

Taking advantage of others is not mature.

Lying, cheating and stealing is not mature.

Neglecting your home, your health, your responsibilities is immature.

Whining, demanding and threatening is immature.

Talking to others like a willful child is not mature.

So what is mature?

Do you want to be responsible?

Do you trust, love and respect yourself?

Do you live, love and give freedom and trust?

Are you able to manage your bills effectively?

Do you clean and maintain your home with appreciation?

Do you take time to actively appreciate your loved ones?

Do you manage your emotions privately without dumping on others?

Do you still depend on your parents or friends for advice?

Do you still seek others approval and agreement?

Are you confident about how you look and behave?

Are you content with your relationships and lifestyle?

Immature people are often lazy and irresponsible.

Immature people assume others will take care of them.

Immature people may want to stay dependent on others.

Immature people may ignore their moral and ethical code.

If you are willing, it is time to grow up.

If you are supporting an immature person, it is time for a wakeup call.

People tend to stay dependent and immature because they are comfortable.

Codependent people may keep others dependent to get someone to need them.

Consider setting yourself free from all dependency, except on the Highest Good.

Loving us all, as we mature in wisdom, caring and responsibility.

Betty Lue

Whatever you need to learn, ask for guidance from the best teacher.

Whoever you admire, learn from their successes and failures.

Whenever you behave immaturely, apologize and learn to be better.

Everyone is here to learn!

Let us all grow up.

Let us all learn respect.

Let us all choose to be responsible.

May we wake up to think, speak and act like a mature adult.

Always learning to be my best every day.

Betty Lue