Tuesday, December 21, 2021



May the Light shine forth from all people.

I choose to see what is and respond with Love.

I am open and willing to be awake and aware.

I am open-minded, trusting and willing to serve All good.

Winter Solstice

The Coming of Light

Winter Solstice, Chanukah and Christmas celebrate Light.

There is more dark when the days are short.

This is the time to call forth more Light.

We can choose to reveal more Light.

Consider the Light within you.

The Light of Love.

The Light for Good.

The Light of Joy.

Celebrate Light.

Emanate Light.

Face the Light.

See the Light.

In light we see more.

In light we do more.

In light we know more.

In light we value more.

Consider your own “yang” nature.

Yang energy is seen as active and revealing.

Yang energy bring more creative and assertive energy.

From the time of dark, letting go and quiet inner reflection, we call forth the Light within.

Take time to enjoy the quiet and prepare for the emergence of greater Light.

Experience what you need….a long winter’s nap or enjoying a party with friends.

Honor what others need from you….sweet simply silence or active energy and enthusiasm.

There is time for both Yin and Yang….feminine and masculine…..inner quiet and outer sharing.

We need not be removed from our Center of Peace, even when we are in the active world.

We need not forsake quict contemplation and involved participation during the winter time.

We need only to take time for ourselves to see what is and what is called forth to be given.

We need only to listen within for guidance to love and give and share our whole selves.

Reveal what is true, loving and good for all.

Reveal what is valued, sincere and of service to others.

Reveal how to love unconditionally, serve from the heart and remember Goodness.

Love is All and Light guides us home to Love. 

Take time to sit with yourself and be still. 

Take some quiet time to listen and write.

Give yourself a moment to breathe in Love.

Give yourself gratitude and peace.

Loving you,

Betty Lue