Sunday, December 12, 2021



I freely give all I am given.

I am unlimited in power and in peace.

I free myself and others to be and do as we choose.

I am totally responsible for the freedom I have.

Freedom Requires Responsibility

When we are totally responsible for our choices, we can be free.

When we make choices that are irresponsible, we will be accountable.

When we make choices that are fully responsible, we will be accountable.

Freedom requires that we be willing and able to be fully responsible and accountable.

What we do is a gift or a curse for us.

What we say is a message for us to hear.

What we think is a teaching for our world.

When we think, say and do whatever we want, we will live in a world that reflects our thoughts.

How we live creates the world we live in.

What we think and say creates the relationships we have.

How we manage our time and money creates the fulfillment in our lives.

What we choose to be, do and have creates the meaning in our lives.

When we are unhappy, we have chosen without conscience and consciousness.

When we are angry, we have given responsibility to others.

When we are frightened, we have filled our minds with powerless thoughts.

When we are hurting, we have allowed others and our thoughts to hurt us.

Turn on the lights in your perception and see the world is a reflection.

Be present with every interaction and see what your free will has chosen.

We have the power and presence to choose what we would experience.

Everything we experience, we have asked for (often unconsciously) and experience as we have asked.

With freedom of thoughts, we can choose to think Good or think bad.

With freedom of words, we can choose words of Love or words of Fear.

With freedom of activity, we can choose helpful deeds or harmful deeds.

Everything has a consequence, which we are responsible for.

A high level life requires high level thoughts, words and deeds.

When we choose to think Good, speak Love and be helpful, life works well.

When we choose less than our best, we receive less than the best.

When we are able to respond to all things with Love, we experience a loving life.

And so it is, we enable or disable our freedom with responsibility or irresponsibility.

Consider staying awake for the blessings of Good choices in all things.

Give your life to Love and Goodness and being truly helpful.

Enjoy the freedom you have by being willing to be totally responsible.

I am able to be free because I am responsible.

Loving you,

Betty Lue