Friday, December 17, 2021

Celebrate Light


I am Love and Light.

The energy of Love and Light shine brightly in me.

I no longer withhold that which I Am.

I freely share the Good I Am.

I naturally receive as I give.

My world is blessed by my Presence and the gifts I Give.

Love Never Ends!

Light Always Is!

Energy can neither be created or destroyed, but can change form. Isaac Newton

Love Is. 

Light Is. 

You are energy.

You always have been and will be.

Celebrate Light.

Celebrate Love.

The end is never an end, but only the moment before a new beginning.

What seems like the return of Light (Sunrise and Winter Solstice) is merely the dawning of our mind of what already is.

The apparent lack of love and light is the blocking of our awareness with our thoughts.

When our eyes are closed and we are asleep or unconscious in our awareness, we do not see and know.

We are here to clear our mind of fear, lack of awareness, ignorance and separation from the Truth.

When love seems to have ended, it may be due to withholding the Love within.

When love seems to shut down, it is may be due to our resistance to being.

When love seems to stop, we may have neglected to love ourselves.

When love quits on loving, we may have justified all the barriers we have built against loving.

There is only love and the call for love.

There is only love and the denial of love.

There is only love and the unawareness of love.

There is only love and unwillingness to be the Love we seek.

And when we are loving, we are filled with light. (life energy!)

And when we judge lack of love in us, our light seems to grow dim.

And when we seek to see things with open eyes, our light grows bright.

And when we see the light with delight, our own love expands and is freely shared.

There is no reason needed to love.

There is no reason needed to be light.

There is only the choice to withhold, turn away or be dark in our thoughts and feelings.

When we choose to come alive again, we return to our true expansive nature and unlimited nature.

Light and Joy are our natural state.

Just as the stars can be seen shining in the dark, so we can be seen, when we shine in the dark.

Just as the sun is shining in the night, we can be aware of the light and love always present within.

Just as the Truth never ends or fades or goes away, our inner light and effortless loving always is.

Are you willing to own, honor and appreciate the light and life energy within you?

Are you open to extending only the Love in you to all beings, all creation and always to you?

Are you choosing to be the gift of unending and unconditional Love in every way? 

Are you ever available to be the Light for Freedom and the Love for Trust?

Be the safe place where always love and Light abide and you will know endless JOY!

Enjoying my keyboard as my place of creative and enlightened expression of Joy.

You are my Ode to Joy!

Betty Lue is always loving you and all!