Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Complete


I know Who I Am.

I know the calling of my heart.

I am living my purpose and mission.

I live what I value in every aspect of my life.

Honorable Closure for 2021

It is appropriate to end with honor.

It is healthy to finish with gratitude.

It is good to learn from challenges.

It is valuable to celebrate accomplishments.

Life is a cycle of choices changes and commitments.

When we are engaged with our lives, we fully appreciate it all.

When we are judging or neglecting life, we may dismiss or deny.

Taking the time to truly see and receive our lives, enriches us.

Consider what you have learned from this year.

Write down your top five areas of learning and growth.

Realize all you have learned and how you have grown.

Be willing to fully receive the benefit.

Consider the challenges of this year.

Where do you have more to do?

What have been your regrets?

Where is there still work to be done?

Consider the blessings and gifts of the year.

Where have the challenges become blessings?

What do you consider to be the best of 2021?

Where are you truly happy with what you have received?

Consider what you would like to remember and appreciate.

When you can fully experience gratitude for your life, you are prosperous.

When you totally value what you have created, you will be joyful.

When you appreciate the good, the good will naturally increase.

Love is Letting go of fear.

Love is letting go of judgment.

Love is letting go of regret.

Love is letting go of resentment.

Consider writing down leftover fears and judgments, regrets and resentments.

Offload what you no longer want to carry in your heart or your mind.

Release and relinquish all forms of negativity and attack.

With your blessings, dig a whole and burn it, releasing what no longer has value.

(Or tear up the paper and throw it in the garbage.)

Only you can know what remains valuable.

Choose to remember what is substantial and beneficial.

Choose to release and undo what is unnecessary and hurtful.

You can build a beautiful 2022 on the very best learning, blessings and appreciation.

Loving you now and always, 

Betty Lue


Robert and I do visioning for the coming year.

Spending a day on quiet retreat, we begin to envision the life we want to experience in the future.

Start with 20 years from now, 10 years from now, 5 years and two years and next year.

This begins to open our minds and heart to the experience we want to create for ourselves.

 Some people focus on service, some on personal health and happiness, some on relationship.

Whatever is your way will bring you to the experience you really want, your heart’s desire.

We begin to attract and magnify all the good to come to us and through us.

Allow yourself to begin the New Year with a positive imagination and activity.

Blessings for us one and all.