Monday, November 01, 2021

Let Go


Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

I am free to be happy.

I follow my own star and live my own truth.

I no longer need others approval. I now approve of myself.

To be free, let go.

To be happy, let go.

To be at peace, let go.

To be in love, let go.

What holds us back is ourselves.

What keeps us imprisoned is our attachment.

What leaves us in conflict is our judgment.

What blocks our love, is our fear.

When we let go and allow what is to be, we are free.

When we can step away and let the energy go, we are free.

When we stop hanging on for dear life, we are free.

When we let go of control, we are free.

Paint your inner picture of freedom.

Breathe deep into the canvas of life.

Spread your imaginary wings and fly.

Life begins with freedom within.

Change your mind.

Forget what you think you know.

Trust in the unfailing safety net.

Be present with the feel of what is forever real.

What holds you back?

What keeps you stuck?

What attachments to you have?

Where are you out of luck?

When we believe others are in control, we resist.

When we think we are right, we are righteous.

When we know we won’t tolerate, we fight.

When we are condemning and critical, we disrespect.

How can you let go?

Forgive yourself.

Accept differences.

Be open and willing.

Allow change to happen.

Choose to be happy and free.

Life is a grand undoing.

We are here to let go and see can be.

Enjoy the freedom of choice.

Choose again for what you want to feel.

Loving you with freedom and trust,

Betty Lue