Tuesday, November 09, 2021

It Is About Time!


I always use my time wisely and well.

Time is a gift to give and receive only Love.

I respect the value of my time, energy and money.

I take time to love myself and others.

About Time!

Why waste time?

Time is of value.

It can be of great value.

Or time can be squandered.

Time is a precious gift.

We have time to work, achieve, belong and enjoy.

We have time to play, create, share and contribute.

We have time everyday to use in our own unique way.

How do you use the time you have?

What are your priorities and goals?

Do you have a focus, intention or mission?

Are you aware of how you spend your time?

When we have a mission, we begin to maximize out use of time.

When we are focused, we can dedicate our day to what is valuable. 

When we realize time has an expiration date, we will appreciate every moment.

Time is this unnoticed commodity that is available for our daily use.

Be aware of how you use your time.

Be aware of how you use your energy.

Be aware of how you use your money.

Be aware and your will eliminate wasting what you are given.

Take time annually or more to get in touch with where you are spending your time.

Write down a 24 hr. time clock to notice what time you give to what activity.

Telephone, TV, cooking, cleaning, personal care, sleeping, working, driving, handling finances, socializing, internet, video games, recreation, exercise, etc. 

Consider how much time is wasted and given to activities you do not value.

Change your inner time clock to use your time for what you do value highly.

Life in a body gives us so ultimate freedom in what we do with our time.

We are rewarded with more of what we spend our time, energy and money doing.

We are depleted when we waste our time, money and energy on what we do not value.

“Waste not; want not” reminds us that it is our choice to have a fulfilling daily life.

Take a little time to refocus your time on what is meaningful to you.

Take time to consider what are your priorities.

Spend your time and money in meaningful and rewarding ways.

Use your time here to do, have and be what is highest and best for you.

This is your lifetime.

Use it wisely and well.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue

I consider my life as a living prayer and meditation to be used to serve the Greater Good.

I use my time as efficiently as I am aware with focused creativity, joy and gratitude.

We keep our home clean and organized all the time.

We share cooking, cleaning, planning programs and teaching.

I review my mission, purpose and goals periodically with Robert.

We reprioritize according to the call to serve where and when and how.

See what you can do to make your time worthwhile every day.