Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Happiness Is!


I use happiness as my guide to well-being and fulfillment.

Giving happiness to others makes me happy.

Emotions are contagious, so I choose to share my positive attitude. 

Love is natural, and in love we are content and at peace.

Happiness Is Natural!

Until we learn differently, it is natural to be happy and at peace.

Because we are imprinted by those around us, we may learn falsely.

Because we are copying others from in utero, we are taught without words.

Because we are open to the influence of our world and associations, we believe what we perceive.

Maybe it is time to undo and see what is true for us.

Perhaps we can release the past and live in the present we choose.

Perhaps it is time to make our life our own.

Perhaps you and I can choose how we would think and speak and behave.

All life is open for us to choose and to remember.

The past can be undone with reminders of only what is good for us.

The present can be perceived with eyes of forgiveness and love.

The future can be envisioned with the heartfelt hope of Goodness for one another.

We are here together to sing and play and live with love for one another.

We can create each day by looking for what we want to be and have and do.

We can delete what we no long want to remember and be free to choose again.

We can focus on what is good and whole and true for us to fully be.

Life is a game of choice, not of chance.

Life can be played to win or to lose.

Life can be remembered for it joy or its sorrows.

Life can be a game of good for all when we are happy.

When we are willing to let go of our limiting beliefs, we can see infinite possibilities!

When we openly accept ourselves as we are, we can envision a life of wonder and delight.

When we relinquish false beliefs of lack and littleness, we can open to abundance thinking.

When we step away from grief and anger, fear and criticism, we can be happy and free.

Some say, “How is that possible?”

I say, “Begin today”.

Some say, “What can I do?”

I say, “Watch the words you say.”

Every thought we think, and word we speak is reinforcing what we choose to be true.

Change you thoughts and words and we change our lives.

Undo the thoughts and words by forgiving, deleting, cancelling what is not right for you.

Choose thoughts, words, activities and interactions that are good, inspiring and best for you.

Life will show you what brings true happiness and do it more.

Life will show you what brings upset and conflict and negativity and do it less.

Life will celebrate when you are appreciating and celebrating You.

Life will give you the path of greatest happiness to follow if you pay attention.

Choose the happy path and follow it all the way Home.

Happy to be loving You,

Betty Lue