Friday, November 19, 2021

Gratitude Heals!


I am grateful for all things as healing and blessing.

Everything is a gift for me.

Everyone is a blessing of Love.

All life gives me the opportunity to see only Love and the Call to Love.

Gratitude Heals!

Be grateful for all the help you get from anyone, everyone and every situation.

Everything is a message to be grateful.

If we turned all anger, fear and sorrow into gratitude, everything would be a gift!!

When we are grateful, we are received as the blessing of Love we are.

When we give gratitude, we receive the gratitude we give.

When we live with gratitude, we know the gift we are. 

Love is the way we walk in gratitude.

Minds respond to gratitude.

Bodies respond to gratitude.

People respond to gratitude.

All things openly respond with gratitude to our gratitude.

It is time we learn to give thanks.

When we complain and resent, we increase complaining and resentment.

When we appreciate and value, we increase appreciation and valuing.

It is time to increase our gifts of appreciation for all Good things.

Let us forgive ourselves for focusing on what we do not want.

Let us remember to focus on what we do want and seek to increase.

Our appreciation grows the Good.

Our depreciation decreases our Good.

Is it not time to give up our depreciation of ourselves and one another?

Is it not ridiculous to imagine negativity can create anything good?

Are we not awake to our own mis-giving, false loving and empty valuing?

We are here to turn the tide and give with pride to all good things for all. 

I have learned from life to be grateful for what I have and what I want to have.

I have experimented with the power of gratitude to create, manifest and enjoy Good.

I have watched what begin thankful does in relationships in health, in the environment.

Learn to let go of complaining, worrying and resenting and be grateful.;

Be thankful for what you do have….every drop of rain and release of pain.

Be grateful for every kindness and gentleness and gift of love.

Be grateful for all you have and all you receive and all you give.

Be grateful for being alive to give the gifts you have received from live itself.

I am grateful for you!!

Love is the giving that gives through us.

Let us be grateful for the gift we all.

I Am!

Betty Lue