Tuesday, November 16, 2021



I adapt easily and quickly.

I allow life to show me how to be flexible.

I change with ease and grace.

I flow with the circumstances and times.

Are You Open for Change?

Those who are most flexible usually get what they want.

Those who are willing to change usually experience success.

Those who adapt to the current circumstance usually thrive.

Are you free to change and adapt to what is best for all?

Children usually can adapt when they are given freedom.

They may take a few minutes to find what they need and then settle.

When they really want something, they try out various ways until they achieve.

Young children fuss until they get the attention and outcome they seek.

Adults usually want the way they are most secure with.

Adults often become less flexible and more rigid with age.

As the world changes, adults who are fearful usually hang on to the familiar.

The ones who are successful and happy are changing as the world changes.

Consider what you need to adapt.

What do you use to comfort yourself?

Is there a schedule that suits you best?

Is there a comforting word or belief?

Everything is changing all the time.

These days there is exponential change worldwide.

When we resist and insist on our way, we often become overwhelmed.

Even watching the changes can help people acclimate to what is shifting.

Tides change.

Winds change.

Seasons change.

And beliefs change.

This is the time of transformation for us and for our world.

We are the ones who can learn to let go and flow with what is.

As a species, we can choose adaptation or extinction or transformation.

We are able to learn and grow, envision and affirm, create and free ourselves.

Our minds can be changed with changing times.

Our bodies can be renewed with changing minds.

Our relationships can be inspired with healing release.

Our world can be transformed with changing beliefs.

When we are open, we see things differently.

When we are willing, we set ourselves free.

When we are trusting, we can let go and learn.

When we are freeing, we allow what is to be.

Let allow transformation by opening our minds.

Betty Lue