Friday, October 29, 2021

Use What You Have!


I learn my life lessons quickly.

I listen and receive healing messages easily.

I give my gifts joyfully.

I do my work gratefully.

Are You Getting the Message?

We all have lessons to learn.

We all have messages to receive.

We all have gifts to give.

We all have work to do.

What will it take to get the message?

Is it coming through to you?

Are you listening to what you hear and feel inside?

Are you watching your life show you what is not working?

Feeling sorry for yourself puts you to sleep.

When you eyes are closed you cannot see.

When you are tuned out, you cannot hear.

When you are numb, addicted or in a trance, you cannot understand.

Life wakes us up.

Pain is an alarm.

Upsets are wakeup calls.

Problems are tests.

I choose to be awake to notice, see and hear and feel.

I prefer to address my life as the teaching it offers.

I trust that what is mine is mine to heal and handle.

I enjoy the rewards of responding with love.

What do you do with health issues?

What do you do with emotional issues?

What do you do with relationship glitches?

What do you do with everyday living problems?

Do you notice your feelings telling you something is wrong?

Are you willing to stop and address the problems?

Do you wakeup instead of covering up and going to sleep?

This is your time to clear the fear and feel what is real.

Begin to write whenever you are upset for any reason!

The real reason I am upset is:………………….”

Write every response you hear in your mind.

Continue writing “ The real reason I am upset ……” until you are empty.

After perhaps pages of thoughts, feelings, excuses, defenses and justifications, you will be clear.

Whatever is left after you cross off what you know is not true, you will find what is “bugging” you.

There will be one or two beliefs that you need to face or erase.

The splinter will fester until you clean it out of your thought process.

Most of what needs to be healed will be your limiting beliefs, lack of confidence and judging yourself.

Consider using this process on a daily basis until there is no denying your own power.

Consider using my “30 days to healing and seeing things differently” below.

Consider valuing yourself and your life enough to wake up and do the work.

Loving us all for being open and willing.


Betty Lue