Friday, October 22, 2021

Seek the Good!


I know I am Good, so I choose only Goodness.

I see in you what is also within me.

When I release what is not true, I see only the Good in me and in you.

I love because it works.

Seek the Good!

See no evil.

Hear no evil.

Speak no evil.

And you will know no evil.

See the Good.

Listen for the Good.

Tell stories of Good news.

And you will always believe in the Good in You! 

What you believe you are, you will give to others.

What you see in others, comes from the beliefs in you.

What you listen to in others, comes from what you hear within.

What you believe in and tell comes from what you want to be.

We are all givers of either Goodness or Doom.

We think, feel and repeat stories of Peace or Drama.

We are here creating our experiences with what we say repeatedly.

Listen to your own gifts of Love or fear.

All you give to others, you are giving to yourself.

Whether ill will or good will, what you give is given to you.

Giving and receiving are the same.

Give Goodness and you receive Goodness in the Giving.

Forgive the stories being told of end times and hate, unless you want them to be.

Erase histories of unconsciousness and choose what you really want to see.

Delete words of negativity and choose words of inspiration and faith.

Give your world and yourself a chance to feel Goodness and Grace.

What you focus on, you continue to create.

When you want to build walls of defense and fear, focus on what is wrong.

When you want to build avenues of openness and love, focus on what is right.

We can continue what we have with gratitude and choose again with forgiveness and love.

It takes so little to turn our life around.

Do you look up to possibilities or look down to the disaster?

You can plant seeds of goodness, kindness and love.

You can bury the garbage talk, put downs and undo the pain.

Look to the infinite possibilities within you and all that is.

Nurture and nourish wondrous visions of contribution, participation and appreciation.

Be willing and open to receive all you desire and deserve.

Learn to let go of lack, limitation and ill will.

What you seek is what you get.

Live your life with no regret.

Seek only Goodness and watch it grow.

See what you value and love and your will know IT IS YOURS!

Love works all the time.

Betty Lue