Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Plans Changed?


I let go and go with the flow.

Everything is in my own best interests.

All things are lessons to learn or gifts to be received.

I love change and it always works for me.

(Mercury in Retrograde!)

Plans Change!

What do you feel and think about changing your plans?

Life is changing and rearranging, everything and everyone.

Everything is growing and evolving and dissolving.

We can count on change, because it is constant!

Let us accept the change.

Let us enjoy the change.

Let us flow with the change.

Let us trust all change works together for Good……And it will.

If change if natural, why do we resist it?

If change is good, why do so many fear it?

If changing plans is helpful, why resent it?

Allowing change may feel like we have to change.

Change may mean we must change our mind, as well as opinions, attachments and commitments.

Change may feel like a loss of control.

Relinquishing control may feel like loss of certainty.

When feeling insecure, out of control and fearful, many run, resist and rebel.

Consider the options: Being stuck in sameness or free to choose for change?

Life brings us in unlimited opportunities to change and yet some prefer the same.

When we risk something new, we allow infinite possibilities to come forth.

When we expose diverse choices, it may feel overwhelming or bring up fear of failure.

Freedom to change anything and everything is a gift.

When we allow new knowledge to change our opinions, we grow exponentially.

When we allow new experiences to free our attachments, we are released from the old ways.

When we allow new options to release our commitments, we are free to choose again and again.

Life gives us new information, new inspiration and new perspectives.

When we close our eyes and ears, we cannot see what really is before us.

When we open our mind and hear to what can be, we feel expansive, curious and open to all.

We have the option to welcome the new or resist and hold onto what has been.

The past is gone.

We can hang on to old stories and attach to our history.

We can cling to the familiar or open to the unfamiliar.

We can be stuck in fear or free ourselves into LOVE.

Love is Freedom and Trust.

Life is an adventure into the Infinite.

Freedom is opening to Choice.

Trust is knowing all things work together for Good.

What shall it be?

Wanting always the Best for You!

Betty Lue