Sunday, October 10, 2021

Natural Good for All


Love and Joy and Peace are my natural state.

I choose daily to give others what I want to receive.

I forgive mistakes and misunderstandings.  

I give and receive the best I know and let the rest go.

Light and Love in Our Relationships

Loving kindness is our natural state.

When we are not giving and receiving kindness, we have lost our way.

When we are not remembering to be loving, we have forgotten our selves.

When we neglect what is right and good and true we are mistaken.

Our work everyday is to remember what is innately true.

We are here to love ourselves and one another.

We have learned falsely to judge, hurt, demean and deny.

We are here to reclaim our natural state of innocence, kindness and love.

Begin with respecting yourself.

Begin with treating yourself with kindness.

Begin with listening to what you need.

Begin with being happy again.

Moments of respect, kindness and happiness remind us of the highest Good for us all.

When we do not feel what is good and whole and true, we have forgotten.

When we have lost our way and been unkind, we must awaken and remember.

When we deny ourselves happiness and peace of mind, we must relearn what is right and true.

In everyday life, we may get stuck in the muck of busyness, fear and negativity.

Let this be a reminder to take a breath and confess to ourselves, we got lost and confused.

Let this be a wakeup call and time to take a sanity break.

Let this be a moment to remember, reconnect, and reconsider what we really want.

Remember to be the one you are.

Remember to share the Love you have.

Remember to give the Best in you.

Remember to do what is really True.

Life changes so fast we may need to take a new look at what it is we want.

When we choose again for kindness, respect and love, we feel happy and at peace.

When we forgive, erase and delete rather than hold onto the past, we have space again to love.

When we let go of old and defeating ways, we can choose again the new and successful ways.

We are given opportunities to care and share with all.

Let us take the time to begin again, to create a new and healing way.

Let us offer apologies and affirming prayers for peace and Good for all.

Let us renew our heartfelt vow to be the best we know we can be.

Loving us all endlessly,

Betty Lue