Friday, September 24, 2021

What Are You Thinking?


My thoughts create my experience.

I clear all thoughts that hurt or are not beneficial.

I trust myself to easily and quickly change my mind.

My mind automatically erases everything that is not wholly loving and true.

What Do You Think?

What do you think and how do you feel?

How do you feel and what do you think?

When you think and feel, how do you act?

Your conscious and unconscious thoughts generate feelings and behaviors.

Your mind and body work together.

Your thoughts and feelings influence each other.

Your physical responses are influenced by what you think.

Your feelings are influenced by thoughts and body experiences.

Yes, it all goes together.

We can choose our thoughts.

We can change our feelings by changing our thoughts.

We can respond to our feelings and body sensations with right thinking.

When we think and feel helpless, needy and victimized, we relinquish our power.

When we use languaging that tells us we are at the weak, incapable, or helpless, we disable ourselves.

When we choose full responsibility and change our minds, we can undo all limiting experiences.

We have the potential to erase, heal, let go and transform whatever interferes with our creative power.

Using the power of forgiveness and affirmation, we can think and feel and act in new ways.

When we forgive and erase, let go and delete learned limitation, we begin to know how to clear all things.

When we affirm with our conscious thoughts through writing and repeating aloud, we see how it works.

Changing the words, changes our thoughts, feelings and habits and behaviors.

The choice is ours.

We have the power.

Transformation through words works.

Giving ourselves the best supportive thoughts, words, behavior and healthy habits is life-changing.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

We can do what we want and have what we desire with our open conscious willingness.

Choose to change your thoughts and see what happens.

Practice daily with the 30 day program of Forgiveness, Choice and Gratitude and you will see the results.

Let go of lazy, complacent attitudes and choose to undo what blocks your success.

“I am enough.”

“I have what I want.”

“Life works for me.”

These three affirmations can be the beginning for you.

Life changes only as you are willing to do the work.

Let go of the fear of success and just do it.

Understand that your work is to release the interference.

Learn that you are free to choose.

Understand you can undo anything.

Expect miraculous change.

Be grateful you have the power.

Trusting and believing in your willingness.

Begin today.

See one description below.

Ask for help from me for clarification and support.

I know you can when you know you can too!

Loving you in getting free.

Betty Lue