Thursday, September 09, 2021

All I Give


I give everything asking nothing.

I receive everything I give and more. 

The joy of giving is a gift to me.

Sharing the Love I have sets me free.

All I Give Is a Gift!

Everything I do with Love is a Gift to Me.

Yes, what I give may be a gift to you, but I receive it, Too.

When you understand what giving means, you will laugh at the idea of “sacrifice”. ACIM

We cannot lose what we give, for it is a gift to us as well.

Give your Best and you receive Your Best.

Give all that you are and you will recognize All That You Are.

Life is a return on your investment.

When you invest your best, you receive the best return.

It takes so little to give so much, because it is natural.

What flows through you with loving kindness is authentic. 

What is given with innocence comes from the essence of you.

What you want to give with all your heart is genuine.

When you are trying to get something, the return is negligible.

Everyone can feel neediness and greediness.

They receive what is given with strings and conditions.

There is judgment, comparison and evaluation of conditional gifts.

When you are waiting to see what happens, you are withhold joy from yourself.

The real value of giving is in the intention that is shared.

When we share openly and freely, we receive the blessings of openness and freedom.

When we share our genuine caring and kindness, we receive our genuine caring and kindness.

Do you notice how it feels to freely give?

Do you allow yourself to feel the joy of giving?

Do you give with a clear intention and heartfelt meaning.

Forgive all obligatory giving, so you can receive without duty and obligation.

What you give with strings, you receive with strings.

When you sacrifice and feel guilt or resentment, you change the value intended.

When you withhold your loving intention, the gift has limited meaning.

When you are willing to freely give the love you have, you receive the Love You Are.

Do not be afraid to receive from others.

Your gratitude and respect is a gift to the giver.

Receiving with genuine appreciation is a real gift of respect to the give.

Remember to say “thank you” with authenticity.

The joy of giving for me is that I know we are One.

When I give to you, I am giving to All, including me.

When I give to One, I am giving to my world for the better.

When I share what I have, it expands and increases exponentially.

Giving is my natural state.

In giving I increase the flow of my limitless abundant Love.

In joyfully receiving with appreciation I allow All Good and Only Good to come to me.

To Have All, I give All to All and Know the limitless Love within this One.

I give to you as I give to myself…..the Love I AM,

Betty Lue