Thursday, August 12, 2021

Where Are You Going?


I am the One I seek to be.

I live my life in integrity.

I always listen to the voice within.

I begin each day knowing Love is the way.

Where Are You Going? 

Do you know where you are going?

Do you know who you are?

Do you know why you are where you are doing what you are doing?

Sometimes the question begs an answer and causes one to be confused?

When we live in the question, we may wander far from our true answer. 

When we hear only the answer, we may get stuck in not knowing how to navigate in life.

Are you looking for what has meaning, inspiration, fulfillment and light?

Are you open to what inspires and guides and makes you happy?

If you have given up on living the life you have dreamed, you need new inspiration.

If you have grown weary of not having the love you want, you need a new vision.

If you are lost in the sea of complexity and overwhelming needs, you must seek new ideas.

Hitting the bottom of disappointment and despair is not all bad, when you know hope is there.

Consider love waits on welcome.

Imagine there is a light in you.

The Real answers lie within.

The Guide you need is inside you.

What keeps us from knowing and growing and going anywhere is lack of trust.

What keeps us stuck in a rut or just hanging on is our confusion and conflict.

What holds us back where we lose track is listening outside where fear abides.

What stops our living and giving and believing and hope, is looking back at our past.

We need to clean our glasses and see things clearly.

We need to untie the shackles of caution and fear.

We need to unleash the power of vision and faith.

We need to step up in our vision and seek a new way.

Clean your inner house with forgiveness.

Forgive and forgive again and yet again.

Forgiveness is an eraser filled with love.

When we have forgotten, we have forgiven.

Love your whole Self well.

Look in the mirror and love the One you see.

Clean up your thoughts and words and appreciate you.

Let go of distractions and delays and bad habits.

Free yourself to be able to see yourself from inside out.

Take time to sit down and listen and list your dreams.

Heal your hurts and learn from your mistakes. 

Pay attention to what you need to get going again.

Feed your self with inspiration.

Enlighten yourself with happy education.

Encourage yourself with supportive friends.

Invite yourself to enjoy expansive adventures.

When we love the One We Are,

We dare to dream and follow our star.

We take the time to listen within.

We appreciate our lives as we live our Truth.

I believe in you as you renew your connection with the Good in You,

Betty Lue