Monday, August 30, 2021

Love Is Our Natural State


Life is Good and getting better.

I choose to live with loving and peaceful thinking and speaking.

I forgive quickly and receive the blessings instantly.

I learn from everything and everyone ONLY LOVE IS REAL.

Fear and Love

Happiness is Our Natural State.

When we are not loving, respectful and kind, some thought has inter-feared!

When we are not happy, we have lost of purpose and love for Self.

When we withhold Love, respect and kindness, we experience fear.

When we are afraid to love, we withhold who we are.

When we are not wholly Being the Love We Are, we feel separate and afraid.

When we are not sharing the Goodness We have, we feel unloving, unkind and unforgiving.

The cycle of fear and withholding of love comes from our judging mind.

When we judge, it is because we are afraid.

When we are afraid, we judge.

Where we are judging and afraid, we get stuck!

When we are stuck, we may experience, stubbornness, sickness, separation and stupidity.

When we are stuck, we may feel confusion, conflict, disconnection and correction.

When we are stuck, we may have faulty beliefs, misperceptions and limited thinking.

When we are stuck, we may be consumed, depleted, obsessive, distracted and demanding. 

Freedom comes with forgiving ourselves.

Freedom is created by undoing our fear.

Freedom is experienced when we erase and release our faulty and limiting thinking.

Freedom comes from choosing only peace.

In peace there is help.

In peace of mind there is openness.

In peace there is strength.

In peace we return to our natural Self.

When we are aware of the value of peace in mind and body and words, we can choose again.

When we know that our crazy and confusing thinking is distracting and destructive, we can stop.

When we learn a better way of being, doing and giving, we will experiment with its effectiveness.

When we understand that peace is essential, to healing, understanding and Love, we will choose peace.

Smiling at how simple it is.

Laughing at us for getting lost in the insanity.

Amazed at how many excuses and defenses we create.

Surprised by how long it seems to take to give it up.

If we only knew the trauma and drama we cause ourselves, perhaps we would stop the pain.

If we only understood how judgments hold everything we judge in place, perhaps we would let go.

If we only recognize how fun, safe and easy life can be by letting go, perhaps we would forgive.

If we only perceive the lesson and the blessing in all things, perhaps we would open to receive the Good.

I prefer to forgive myself quickly and let go of fear.

I prefer to choose peace and allow the understanding to come.

I prefer to stop the insanity and remember only Love.

I prefer to experience a fun, safe and easy life.

Betty Lue