Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How Does Life Work?


I am awake and aware and create with wisdom and love.

My life works for me, because I do the work.

I create only Goodness, wholeness and Love for All.

I use my thoughts, words and actions for Goodness Sake,

How Does Life Work?

Live works when we do the work.

What is our work to do?

Doesn’t life just happen to you?

How can we make a difference in our own lives?

Love created us as Love, for the purpose of Loving.

We are here to be the unlimited, all powerful Presence of Love.

Love is trust and acceptance, freedom and flow.

Love is our Essence, our Substance and our Life.

Thoughts and words create what we think and what we say.

Whether we imagine or worry, dream or ponder, our thoughts create in form.

What we say to ourselves in silence or to others aloud has power and creates more of the same.

When we are conscious of our creative power, we forgive and release negative thoughts and words.

Our work is to align ourselves to the positive, helpful and beneficial thoughts and words.

Our healing and holy work is to eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive.

To be present and positive and powerful, we must fully commit to what is Good for all.

To remember the Love in us, we need to stay awake and aware of clearing the fearful forgetting.

Living consciously and conscientiously requires consistent Reminders.

Creating a life of loving reminders opens the way everyday to giving and living our best.

Surrounding ourselves with people, places, and positive reminders makes it easier to enjoy life.

Forgiving and freeing ourselves from the forgetfulness of fear and judgment, guilt and resentment is key.

When we forget to create Good with thoughts and words and behavior, we experience the results.

When we neglect to clean out the garbage of the past, it may make us sick and experience pain.

When we have allowed ourselves to harm or be harmed, we have the opportunity to heal immediately.

When we forgive and erase the errors, we wake up and choose again for Goodness and Wholeness.

If you want to experiment, try an hour or day of negative thoughts and words and activities.

Notice the fear, fatigues, defensiveness, judgments, guilt, pain, disease, difficulties that emerge.

If you want to notice the difference, choose an hour or day of positive thoughts, words and deeds.

Notice the immediate energy, clarity, inspiration, accomplishments and freedom you experience.

Life works for you when you are for Life.

Life works against you when you feel angry, guilty, negative or contract the life energy in you.

Life flows easily and freely when you are forgiving, loving, kind and helpful to you and others.

Life has ups and downs, bumps and bruises when you are asleep at the wheel or looking for pain.

  • Learn to love yourself well.
  • Forgive all mistakes immediately. 
  • Give your life to and for Goodness sake.
  • Listen and follow your heartfelt inner guidance.

I love life and life loves me.

It is the clearest, most obvious out-picturing of how I see and treat myself and others. 

I am open-minded and appreciate the life I have created.

Blessing abound with an open heart and quiet mind.

Betty Lue