Sunday, July 11, 2021

Writing and Journaling Works!


I listen to myself by writing what I hear.

I learn the difference between spiritual and worldly content through writing.

I easily connect with others by writing my thoughts and guidance.

I feel at one with my authentic Self when I write.

The Value of Writing

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is beneficial to healing and growth.

Writing in a journal, diary, tablet or even on a napkin helps the mind conceptualize.

Writing activates the sight, sound and imagery in our minds.

Writing is how most people learn and remember.

Writing is essential to a productive and fulfilling life.

Writing is important to share, connect and represent oneself.

Writing is a way to inform ourselves and others of our intention.

Writing is a lasting form of communicating.

Write for yourself to express and explore your own thoughts and feelings.

Write to share your ideas with others for learning and understanding.

Write to remember what you value and want to retain and amplify.

Write down your inner guidance and mediation as your own Loving Reminders.

How and Where to write.

Writing in a journal has value for listening to your own thoughts and feelings.

Writing ‘to do’ lists has value to keep you on task.

Writing goals helps you remember your Vision and Direction.

Writing letters to others has value to feel connected and intentional.

Writing ‘thank you’ notes increases the power of appreciation.

Writing letters to Higher Power or God inspires the spiritual connection.

Writing poetry has value in allowing the flow of freedom within you.

Writing stories encourages sharing what you and others may want to remember.

Writing affirmations has value in encouraging the release of blocks .

Writing feelings of worry, hurt, anger and fear helps to release and let go.

Writing a blog has value for everyone to stay connected.

Writing down mission, purpose, goals and plans encourages staying on path.

Writing inner guidance grounds the experience in practical application.

Use writing for clearing with forgiveness, choice and gratitude offer profound mental training.

Learning to manage ones thinking with writing provides effective creation and manifestation.

Using the power of writing offers proficiency in all forms of communication.

Enjoy writing with quiet after or during meditation.

Appreciate the creativity of writing with music or in nature.

Celebrate your writing by sharing with others the beauty of expression.

Establish a daily writing habit to strengthen the power with enjoyment.

Writing has great value to you and your world!

Do what works for you.

Betty Lue