Friday, July 30, 2021

Peace First!


I let go and allow the highest truth to be so.

I quickly and easily forgive and release my opinions and quick judgment.

I trust there is a learning and reason in everything.

I see clearly first and then easily understand.

Peace First…… Understanding Follows.

Do you want to understand?

Do you need to know what happened?

Are you trying to figure our what went wrong?

Do you persist in asking “why?”

When we are not peaceful, we cannot understand.

When we are afraid or upset, our thoughts are distorted.

When we are hurt or angry, we think through our judgments.

Emotions confuse and come to faulty conclusions.

The understanding comes when our minds are open.

Understanding will unfold as we know more.

Being open and willing is key to real understanding.

Wisdom will not be available in closed minds.

Emotions, opinions and limiting beliefs do not allow us to see.

When our minds are filled with our limited thinking, we have no room to receive higher wisdom.

When we are consumed with our own need to be right, we cannot see anything more.

We need to get out of the way by clearing the mind with forgiveness and letting go.

Peace of mind heals us and helps us listen within.

Peace in our hearts allows us to listen to the voice of love within.

When we find peace first, we are more conscious of unlimited possibilities.

When we choose to stop judging, we see clarity and responsibility and higher truth.

The first requirement of understanding is our openness and willingness.

When we breathe and release what we are thinking, judging, analyzing, we learn to let it all go,

When we are clear and ready to receive without judging, the answers come easily.

When we receive understanding with gratitude and blessings, we feel even more at peace.

Are you open willing and able to be at peace?

Are you ready to receive understanding without judging?

Do you allow all possibilities to be there for you?

Are you willing to not know what you think you know?

Let’s try it right now:

Take this moment to breathe.

Ask for peace right now.

Allow yourself to be still.

Let go of thinking.

Simply Be for one breath at a time.

Keep choosing Peace.

Repeat the word over again.

Feel the Peace within you.

Trust Peace is healing you.

Trust Peace is releasing you.

Trust Peace is giving you what you really want.

Peace only Peace Now.

With you in the Peace in between all the thinking and doing, 

Loving you, 

Betty Lue