Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day!


I appreciate all fathers and mothers who work to provide for their families.

I honor the men who selflessly give of themselves to provide and protect.

I give thanks for those who serve our country, our communities and our families.

I forgive myself for ever complaining about anyone who does their best.

(If they knew a better way, they would do a better way.)

Do What You Love: Love What You Do!

I Love to work!

I appreciate hard work!

I value what works for Good.

I love doing the Work I am here to do!

Do You?

Do you value the Work of your ancestors and forefathers?

Do you value the Work of your own father and mother?

Do you value the Work of your teachers and employers?

Do you value the Work of laborers, gardeners, house cleaners, construction workers?

I respect and admire those who are willing to work.

I am grateful to those who do their work with focus and excellence.

I especially appreciate the ones we often ignore or forget to value.

I treat all conscientious workers with equal respect and admiration.

Do you?

It matters not the education or status.

It matters that we do our job well.

It matters not what or if any we are paid.

It matters only that we fulfill our commitment with integrity.

It is time we honor all workers.

It is time we respect all those who provide for their families.

It is time we give everyone equal opportunity and education.

It is time we appreciate the ones who serve us well.

What Do You Value?

I value the pioneers who sought for new vistas.

I value visionaries who create better ways to live.

I value the workers who provide food and shelter for their families.

I value the workers at home who nurture with love and nourish with good food.

I value those who heal and teach and transport and repair.

I value those who build and improve and sell and  invest.

I value those who bring us together in community with communication.

I value those who work hard to make life better for themselves and their families.

I value those who live simply and give abundantly prosper others in need.

I value those who inspire us and awaken us and join us in doing Good for all.

I value those who do the work to create a better world for all living things.

I value those who do the work to clear the garbage in our minds and on this earth.

Yes, I value those who do the work which serves, blesses and inspires us to do the Work in life.

Thank you Fathers and all those who provide and protect all of us.

May we remember to honor and appreciate the good hard work you do.

May we remember to treat you with respect and love you well.

Loving those who work for the Good of all of us,

Betty Lue