Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Family Matters


I care about you.

You deserve the best I have to give.

I open my heart to always return to love.

You matter to me and to my life.

Everyone Matters!

Every one is part of my family of humanity.

I matter in the circle of life.

I take good care of me, so that I will take good care of you and all.

I know that each one matters, because we all effect the interaction of the whole.

I know you matter.

You are an integral piece of the whole.

What you think, say and do matters.

When you think you don’t matter, you begin to think others don’t matter.

When you throw away people, you deny your own power.

When you dismiss away people, you create fear of being dismissed yourself.

When you stop caring about someone, you begin to feel dispensable.

When you neglect your self or your children, you teach yourself and others falsely.

Every one deserves your best.

Everyone is benefitted by your willingness to love.

Everyone is taught who they are by how you treat them.

Yes, when you neglect giving you best, you teach others to dismiss, deny, forget and neglect.

Whatever state of mind and heart, we can give the best we have.

Whoever we live with, we can remember how to give our best.

When we think, say or behave like someone doesn’t deserve our best, we teach them not to give their best.

If we want a better relationship, family, community and world, we must be willing to give our best.

Life gives us infinite opportunities to love everyone.

Our home shows us what we have been teaching to our children and mate.

Our community demonstrates how we been teaching and treating one another.

Our world shows us where and how we have forgotten to love.

Killing and violence doesn’t work.

Yelling and punishing doesn’t work.

Threatening and demanding doesn’t work.

These are temporary tools of guilt and fear.

Listening and learning do work.

Kindness and understanding do work

Open-mindedness and negation do work.

These are lasting tools of forgiveness and love.

When we take our time to listen and learn, we demonstrate everyone matters.

When we love one another as we want to be loved, we create connection and caring.

When we care sincerely about all people, we open our hearts and minds to healing the past.

When we know better, we must do better.

Take care to heal the past with forgiveness and build a new present with kindness and respect.

You can because you care!

Loving you,

Betty Lue