Saturday, June 05, 2021

Clean Up Your Messes!


I clean up after myself with joy and gratitude.

I love the world that I am responsible for cleaning up.

The world I see is cleaned up by me, happily.

I totally appreciate clearing all that is not good, beautiful and whole.

Clean Up Your Messes!

Do you have messes in your home?

Do you have financial messes?

Do you have upsets and hurts in your relationships?

Do you have chaos and inner conflicts messing in your mind?

Whatever is not peaceful and calm within will mess with your outer world.

The stuff we hold inside our history, beliefs, emotions and imagining create the same stuff outside.

The movie we see everyday and how we perceive it is the reflection of our inner world.

We can clean up the out-picturing and it will clear the air and clean up our thoughts and feelings.

The real cleaning is done with the inner work we do to stop holding negative history.

When we erase, forgive, resolve and undo the negatives we carry with us, we are free to choose again.

To see things differently, we must remove the foggy, dark and negative pictures in our minds.

If we don't like the work of cleaning, we will most likely keep adding to the mess.

Ask yourself if you are ready to get clean and sober and honest.

Are you willing to do the work to undo what is faulty, limiting, resentful and guilty?

Are you open to take responsibility to clean up the messes of the past?

Can you do it all by yourself and be the trusting and freeing one who is ready, able and willing?

Often people excuse themselves by saying, “I didn't make the mess, so why should I?

Many just are too lazy to actually wash the dishes and make their bed.

If you eat from the dishes and sleep in the bed, why not take responsibility?

If you are able to make your life better, why not do the work with a good feeling?

In relationship, you don’t have to caste blame on yourself or others.

Take care of whatever is messed us and appreciate yourself.

No need to resent others or make them feel guilty.

Be willing to demonstrate how simple it is to do what needs to be done.

Say you are sorry, when there is upset and stop creating more upset.

 Ask how you can help others clean up their mess with sincerity.

Begin to enjoy the cleanliness, order and beauty you have created.

Take time to always clean up after yourself with joy and gratitude.

Others will follow the positive and happy person who is doing a good job.

Children copy parents, even when they are in their adult and even senior years.

Only we ourselves can take responsibility for changing our perspective by cleaning up the past.

When we have completed a phase in life or in a relationship, do it with honor and respect.

Make where you live and work beautiful and orderly.

Create open positive conversations with loving completion.

Appreciate everyone for who they are and how they feel.

Stop making more messes with judgment, fear, defensiveness and blame.

Love everyone you encounter with as much peace and goodness as you have.

Trust yourself to do the right thing in the right and loving way.

Be with yourself and what you do everyday with conscience and consciousness.

Stay connected to Source and your inner ReSource to know what to do next with Love.

Live each day with an open and forgiving mind filled with blessings of gratitude.

Clean up your messes and the world shows you its blessings and what to offer next.

Loving you for being willing, 

Betty Lue