Thursday, June 03, 2021

Be Where You Are!


I love myself just as I am.

I release what no longer support my Good.

I choose to easily and quickly let go of negative learning.

I am willing to live what and where is the highest and best for me.

Be Where You Are.

Where are you?

Until you know where you are, you cannot be there.

Are you aware of your thoughts and feelings?

Are you awake to who is present with you?

Do you see what is within you and around you?

Have you assessed your current state of mind and body?

Do you allow yourself to be aware and honest with yourself?

Are you alert to your limiting and faulty beliefs, opinions and prejudices?

We are all constantly creating with our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and prejudices.

Everything that is within is will be seen in some form outside us.

We are creating with our unconscious beliefs and fears, judgments and tears.

When we recognize where we are, we can begin to understand how the world seems to be.

To come home to One Self is the beginning of healing and revealing the Truth.

To understand that our judgments and criticisms are playing themselves on our movie screen is key.

To recognize our responsibility in our finances, health and relationships is the first step to transformation.

All things can be changed with a radical change of thought and feelings, focus and direction.

We create with our thoughts, words and behavior.

Our attitude colors our relationships and achievements.

Our affirmations, negative and positive, attract what we think and speak into our awareness.

We are choosing how our day will be from the thoughts and feelings we hold to be true. 

What a relief it is to know we can change everything with our own change of mind.

What a responsibility it is to know we can totally change our experience by clearing what we don’t want.

What a joy it is to know we can do it ourselves.

What work it can be to know we can change what we perceive and how we respond.

This is the key to a fun, safe and easy life.

Where we are attached to be right and righteous about our point of view, we are stuck with it.

Where we erase our attachments to judge, blame and guilt, we can free ourselves to see differently.

We need to find safety, satisfaction and connection to feel peace, happiness and love.

1) Accept what is. + 2) Let go of what you want to release.+ 3) Let in what you really want.

First, we must allow and not repress.

Next, we forgive and release, step away and stop recreating the story.

And last, we are called to let in what we want to be our experience.

Our life journey is shaped by challenges, vulnerabilities and resources.

When we are willing to be with our selves, thoughts, beliefs and experiences, we have heal.

We learn to do what makes us feel better, think better and do better.

We learn to undo those habits which are hurtful and choose what is helpful.

Show up and pay attention. 

Speak and detach.

Say and do what is yours to do. 

Let go and enjoy.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue