Wednesday, May 19, 2021

What Is Important?


I am loving, as I am here to Love.

I forgive any selfishness or petty complaints or worries.

I release worries and concerns and trust in the greater Good.

I allow myself to be open and willing to serve as I am called.

What Is Important to You?

When you experience loss, it is beneficial to revisit what is truly important.

People first and then property and things.

Love first and then how to rebuild a new life.

Gratitude first and then how to help others.

When we are not grateful everyday, we may forget and neglect what we really value.

When we are unaware and sleep walking through life, we may take life for granted.

The wakeup call may be subtle or strong, but we all need to wakeup and appreciate.

Life is a gift for each one of us, no matter our circumstances.

Let us be glad.

Let us give thanks.

Let us be helpful.

Let us be kind to ourselves and one another.

Let’s wake up together.

Let us laugh and love and live. 

We are here to value who we are.

We are here to enjoy what we have.

Awaken to love unconditionally.

Awaken to serve from the heart.

Awaken to remember God and Goodness.

Happy to be alive and grateful for Love!

Betty Lue

Once you become aware of what really inspires and guides you, you will begin to focus on it daily.

Your purpose becomes your guiding light.

You breathe it and live it and share it in all you are and do!!

You will attract to you all good and only good for your highest purpose.