Saturday, May 15, 2021



Every kind word is a prayer.

Every act of Love is a prayer.

Every vision of Peace is a prayer.

My life is a prayer of gratitude and Love.


Anyone and everyone can pray.

Prayer is really praising all the Good you want to be.

When you are appreciating, you are increasing the Good.

When you are creating Good with thoughts and words, you are in prayer.

When you are loving what you see within, you are in prayer.

When you are giving praise for what you want to be, you are in prayer.

When you are singing love songs, praise songs, happy songs, you are in prayer.

When you live your life and give yourself with trust in Good, you are in prayer.

You do not have to believe in a higher power to be in prayer.

You do not have to go to a place of worship to be in prayer.

You do not have to have a special belief to be in prayer.

Prayer is the way we walk and talk and live in gratitude.

Praising Goodness ItSelf is to praise Good in all things.

Learning to give thanks is a way of increasing the Good that already is.

Understanding how prayer works is the subject of many teachings.

Living life as though prayer works is the practical application of faith.

Trust that your thoughts create.

Trust that what you imagine you make so.

Trust that your words create.

Trust that your beliefs provide energy that heals and reveals the intrinsic Good.

Consider wishing on a star.

Consider birthday wishes when you blow the candles.

Consider hoping and praying that your team will win.

Consider all of this as your childlike form of prayer.

Trust that turning over your cares and worries to the Great Goodness that lives in you.

Trust that all of life is seeking to heal itself, including bodies and relationships and the environment.

Trust that we all are here to learn the power of affirmation and forgiveness.

Trust that this human life is an exploration of how the mind works and how thoughts create.

Take time to take a long slow deep breath and give life energy to PEACE.

Think PEACE.  Speak PEACE. Live PEACE.

In everyday life, live your prayers for PEACE in your heart and mind.

Give your encouragement and support that everyone in every way learn to live and give their PEACE.

I am extending  PEACE to everyone & everything, all creatures and to our earth HOME.

Loving You, 

Betty Lue