Tuesday, March 16, 2021

To Do or Not to Do?


I am happy doing good for myself and others.

My life is full of good ideas and accomplishment for the Good of all.

I enjoy being a happy doer.

There is no time for trouble, drama or struggle when doing Good.

What Are You Doing?

Those who Do nothing usually accomplish nothing.

Those who Do nothing often do not have a lot to do.

Those who Do nothing often don’t care very much.

Those who Do nothing usually are afraid to do anything.

When you are happily engaged in what you Do, you feel successful.

When you Do what you like to do, you feel happy.

When you are doing what is purposeful, you feel fulfilled.

When you are doing what has heart and meaning, you feel content.

Some are afraid to Do, because they fear being criticized.

Some avoid doing, because they don’t want to fail.

Some don’t do because they don’t know what to do.

Some don’t like to do, because they can get others to do for them.

Children like to Do things.

Children want to be capable.

Children try to Do to learn.

Children enjoy Doing.

Children copy adults.

When their parents and teachers are happy doing, they want to do things too.

When adults are successful and fulfilled with their achievements, children are inspired to do things too.

When people fill their lives with helpful, meaningful, creative doing, they are satisfied and successful.

Laziness comes from fear.

Procrastination comes from doubt.

Resistance comes from oppositional defiance.

Dependence on others is an excuse to get things done with no risk.

(Yes, there are other causes, explanations and reasons!)

Get busy accomplishing, creating and achieving to experience confidence, fulfillment and success.

Being bored, dependent, and emptiness may lead to depression, self-harm and rebellion.

Too much time with nothing to do may lead to getting in trouble to create drama and negative attention.

Idle time with an idle mind and idle chatter often leads to no good thoughts, words and behavior.

Focus on what you can Do!

What can you do today?

What is best for you do?

What can you begin today to create a Fun, safe and easy life for you? 

Loving you,

Betty Lue