Monday, March 01, 2021

Deny or Affirm?


I choose to receive and give only Love.

I trust in the intrinsic Goodness in all creation.

I listen within for the most helpful and healing path.

I respect and value the Good in me.

Don’t Deny Goodness!

Thank God it is raining.

Thank God you are healthy.

Thank God there is plenty.

Thank God we have a Good life!

Some deny God.

Some forsake Love.

Some imagine disaster.

Some have given up Hope.

When we deny what is positive, we make way for negative.

When we make fun of believers, we open the door for deceivers.

When we do not appreciate what we have, we experience more lack.

When we resist the presence of Good, we cannot  realize the good in one another.

Whatever we name God or Good, Great Mystery, Creative Force, Higher Power, It still Exists.

To see it, we must believe it.

To know Goodness, we must trust in the Good.

To make way for the Abundance and everlasting flow of what is Good, we must start appreciating.

Affirm Goodness in everyone.

Affirm what you seek to be and see.

Affirm blessings in all things.

Affirm life expressing itself in everything.

Deny negative thoughts.

Deny the power of hurtful words.

Deny your focus on victimization.

Deny mistakes and misunderstanding.

Denial is a powerful protective device.  

You can and should deny error can harm you.

When we affirm the power and presence of Good, we affirm the power of Good in us.

When we deny or diminish our own Good, we experience limitation, lack and littleness.

It is time to learn the difference.

Deny what you don’t choose to have or do or be.

Affirm what you choose to have and do and see.

Stay true to the Highest and Best in You.

Love prevails because we choose t0 align with Love.

Goodness exists because we affirm and appreciate the Good.

Life creates more life, because we enjoy and value Life.

Let us remember our thoughts and words create.

Creating Goodness as I affirm the Good, 

Betty Lue