Saturday, February 27, 2021



I love myself for feeling Good.

I forgive myself quickly when I think, speak or act negatively.

I easily change my focus away from negativity.

I totally love and appreciate how happy, loving and positive I feel.


How you feel is a product of your thoughts.

How you think comes from what you judge.

How you judge is determined by what you believe.

What you believe comes from what you learn.

Thoughts, judgments, beliefs and learning all interweave and create the experience you give yourself.

To feel good, you need to experience Good.

To have Good experiences, you need to think, judge, believe and learn what is Good.

When Goodness comes only with special conditions, you will have a comparative mind.

When we hold only Goodness in our consciousness, we see, feel and believe in Goodness.

When we hold bad or negativity in our mind, we may see, feel and believe in the "not Good".

What we hold in our consciousness, will be what we seek and perceive.

When we look for how we feel, we often seek out what may be bad rather than what is Good.

To change you feelings from bad to Good, experiment with seeking for the Goodness and the Blessings.

Change your attention and focus to all things positive and Good for you.

Actually seek what you like, what you prefer, what you want and spend time feeling grateful.

Begin to experience you have a choice in what you experience.

We all can watch the news and experience sorrow, fear, regret and frustration.

We may find it difficult in media to find Good news, so learn to translate what you see as potential for Good.

We may need to purposely read Good news and associate with positive company.

We may want to treat ourselves well every day with what we think and do and say.

When we are conscious, we learn to give ourselves what is Good for us.

When we want to feel Good, we can make different choices and choose to be grateful.

When we want to share Goodness with others, we will clear the field of negativity.

When we have a Good day, we can see how we begin and end our day with gratitude and joy.

Some keys to feeling Good:

Stop complaining.

Start appreciating.

Get enough sleep.

Observe nature’s beauty.

Make time to laugh.

Spend time alone.

Reflect on the Good in your life.

Breathe fully and freely.

Eat well when relaxed.

Use media for entertainment.

Show appreciation to others.

Forgive all regrets and resentments.

Develop the habit of smiling.

Think Good, see Good, hear Good, speak Good and you will feel Good.

Live well for Goodness sake.

It feels Good to love you and me, too!

Betty Lue