Monday, February 22, 2021

Change Your Mind!


I choose positive life-affirming thoughts.

I choose to be happy and trusting.

I choose harmonious and respectful relationships.

I trust life can be fun, safe and easy when I honor my inner guidance.

Change Your Mind!

To change your mind, change your thinking.

To change your energy, change your feelings.

To change your relationships, change your perceptions.

To change your finances, change how you view and use money.

Beliefs engender thoughts and judgments.

Thoughts and judgments cause feelings.

Feelings often are projected with words.

Words usually create supportive behaviors.

And so it is, our lives are a product of what we have been taught to believe.

What we have learned usually sticks, unless we have learned to undo those teachings.

Often our beliefs are reinforced with emotions, relationships, behaviors and experiences.

To change our beliefs requires us to undo much of what we thought was true.

When we want to undo what we have learned from our past, we must be willing and open to change.

When we are willing and open, we will confront subtle hiding places which have reinforced our beliefs.

Learned beliefs are illusive and sometimes without any validating evidence, just held in mind.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real and so it is with what we often believe: False Evidence!

To change your mind requires clarity consistency and commitment to what is True and Loving.

To change your mind demands that we do the “work” to undo what is not True.

To Do the Work means practicing daily and often hourly to open up new pathways.

Conscientious Forgiveness clears the way and Continuous Affirmations Do the Rest.

The 30 day Affirmation Process below will work, if you do the work daily.

There are many methods available, but the you must actually do the work until you change your mind.

Changing the mind, the thoughts and beliefs, does change our life experiences.

You must be willing to do the work consistently and conscientiously.

Change for some is fearful.

Change for others is energizing.

To be willing to change requires letting go.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy when we believe it to be so.

Begin with simple releasing affirmations.

Letting go is fun, safe and easy.

I love to do the work to change my life.

All change works together for good.

Everything is changing for the better.

My mind now easily releases everything that is not wholly loving And Good for me.

I am willing to change my mind quickly and easily.

I thank you for being willing, too!

Betty Lue