Thursday, December 24, 2020

Recognize the Gift

See the poem below:

Covid Christmas” from Robert Waldon, my husband, partner and best friend!


I offer you the Love within me.

I value the Love you give to me.

I trust our lives are blessed by one another.

I celebrate the opportunity to share this Life with you.

Celebrate the Gift of Love You Are!

Receive the Love You Are.

Allow the True You to awaken.

Let go of negative stories and seek the Light.

Understand that what we believe we will see.

Is it now time to realize we are the expression of Love on Earth?

Are we ready to stop denying what we are created to be?

Can we cease withholding the Essence of Love within us?

Are we willing to give our Best and let go of the rest?

Your smile lights up your world.

Your kind words remind us of our own healing.

Your loving responsive guidance gives us hope for our future.

Your gentle helpful action makes no one to feel alone.

We are here for one another.

We are the family of humanity.

We recognize we heal one another.

We acknowledge how good forgiveness is. 

Remember your own healing. 

You can see the healing and wholeness in others.

Look for the gift in our caring and sharing.

Appreciate what you have given and received.

Life is a continuum of healing and learning.

We are on a journey of exploring love within ourselves.

Our relationships show us what needs to be shared.

Our mistakes make it obvious what needs to be forgiven.

Here in the darkness, we awaken our sleeping consciousness.

We are realizing what to reclaim and name the Light Within.

All of us can aspire to contribute to the Good of the Whole.

Each one of us has gifts to bring to the altar of Appreciation.

Let us bow down to the glorious Goodness within.

Let us surrender our fears to the Light of Love.

Let us commit ourselves to giving always our best.

Let us join together to honor what is Good for all.

We are the Light bringers.

We are the Love healers.

We are the Generous Givers.

May we all dedicate ourselves to offering the Gift We Are.

Thank You for the Love and Good You Give To Me,

Betty Lue


Two thousand twenty,

What a strange year.

How do we celebrate

When we can’t even get near?

Give a gift without touching?

Share a smile through your mask?

Don’t gather, don’t party.

That’s a whole lot to ask.

Don’t go to school.

And don’t go to work.

If you’re caught out and about

Then you feel like a jerk.

All of this questions

Traditions of past.

It isn’t the first time

And it won’t be the last.

We have to create

Something totally new—

How to celebrate Christmas.

And it’s all up to you.

Remember the truth,

What the Season’s about.

It’s love and it’s peace,

From within, not without.

We love with our thoughts,

And our words and our deeds.

We shine light in the darkness.

We are someone who leads.

Love what is good.

Forgive what is bad.

Find something to celebrate

Some excuse to be glad.

We have way more than most

(Though we sometimes want more)

And the real gifts we share

Can’t be bought in a store.

Share your vision and hope

Give permission to smile.

See a future of good

Keep “dreaming” in style.

And when I am burdened

With stress and with strife,

I try to remember

Those close in my life.

I am thankful for you

And the role that you play

In giving me something 

To brighten each day.

The gift of your presence,

Whether right here or far,

Keeps me happy and hopeful.

You’re my Christmas Star.