Monday, November 09, 2020

Manage Your Energy Wisely


I focus on what is healthy and helpful.

I give my time and money to what benefits us all.

I invest in  the ideal outcome I desire.

I enjoy and benefit from the choices I make.

(See Keys to Whole Life Health below.)

Manage Your Energy Wisely!

Invest in what is good for you.

Give to what is beneficial for you.

Do what is healthy for you.

Contribute time, and money to what works for you.

Think about what inspires you.

Remember what encourages you.

Use your mind to be creative.

Give attention to good thoughts.

Speak about what lifts you up.

Use words that encourage.

Give praise to what benefits.

Talk about what is healing and helpful.

Engage in activities that are fulfilling.

Do what produces positive outcomes.

Spend your energy on what offers good.

Be active doing what feeds your mind and body.

You are the one who knows the difference.

You are choosing junk or healthy stuff.

You are deciding what is foolish and what fulfills.

You are exploring what works for you and what doesn’t work.

You are experimenting with what is highest and best for you.

When we follow what is common, we have common results.

When we are selective and choose what is best, we have better results.

We will learn to listen within for the highest guidance for Good and wise.

Choose the most healthy thinking, speaking and behavior.

The benefits of using energy to do what is most beneficial are best you.

It may be tempting to eat and drink what is not healthy.

It may be easiest to follow what is popular.

It may seem adequate to focus on the negatives.

It may be OK to do what experts tell you.

The question remains: What is the wise choice for you?

Learn to pay attention to the outcome you want.

Give energy to what you are creating.

Focus on what is inspiring and helpful for you.

Be willing to give yourself the best by investing in your best.

Use your time, money and energy for the highest and best results.

Pay attention and learn to discern what is Good for you.

Wanting us all to waste nothing on what gives us nothing lasting in return.

Reminding us all to love ourselves well with wisdom in our choices.

Betty Lue



Ingest the best and forget the rest.  Take into your body, mind and spirit only that which supports, sustains and inspires the BEST in you.



Life is flow. To move with the flow is healthy. To resist is stressful. Move with the natural inner movement physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc.



To breathe in (inhale) fully life energy, Spirit, Prana, inspiration, is to expand our awareness to open to an enlightened mind.  To exhale fully is to truly release what is no longer needed.



Reaching out with Love and respect for each other opens our bodies and beings to trust in the gentleness we all deserve to experience.



Choose for those thoughts which heal and free you to be unlimited in health and wholeness. Forgive (erase) the beliefs which are limiting or false.



Carry with you an attitude of gratitude and love for yourself and others.  Allow yourself to see all things work together for good.



Moderation in all things will bring your life into harmony.  As we give ourselves what is really best for us, the extremes are gently released.



What you perceive in others and the world you strengthen in your Self.  Focus on illness, disease and weakness and you actually weaken yourself.  See only health and wholeness and you move yourself in the direction you are looking.



To clear out toxins and purify the system requires a willingness to eliminate toxic thoughts, activities, relationships as well as foods from your system.  Flushing the system clean is aided with water, fresh air, gentle movement and forgiveness.



To rest and relax your mind and body are invaluable to being refreshed and revitalized. Each person has unique methods of relaxation - meditation, music, being in nature, focused simple activity.