Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Listen Within

Be Safe.

Be Smart.

Be Sensitive.


I trust my inner guidance.

I am open to listening and following spiritual guidance.

I am healed and inspired by my heart song.

I seek my own quiet knowing.

Listen Within.

There is a place in you where your light shines.

There is a quiet knowing in you where you live.

There is a center in you that guides your life.

Come home to what is your guiding light.

Be still and know.

Be quiet and listen.

Be willing to trust.

Be open to hear.

What is your truth?

What is the way?

Where do you go?

What do you follow?

Your heart knows.

You can trust in the voice within.

You can surrender to the Love in you.

You can let go of fear and trust in Love.

Your life is a gift.

Care for it well.

Respond with Love.

Forgive all fear.

Be willing to care. 

Know what is true.

Honor your calling.

Be with those who come.

Take time to live. 

Be willing to give.

Love life as it comes.

Take time to enjoy.

What is your choice?

Be here and now.

Set yourself free.

See what is yours.

Take time everyday.

Listen to what your heart will say. 

Pay attention to what is good.

Value what you know.

Love listening within.

Honoring You,.

Betty Lue


Be Healthy!

Wash your hands and clear the fear.

Eat healthy foods: fruits and veggies. ‘

Ingest the best and forget the rest.

Trust in the natural immune system.

Be Positive!

Breathe in Love.  Breathe out Peace.

Look for what you can do, instead of what limits you.

Trust in the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Don’t worry. Be Happy!

Be Grateful!

Send “thank you” notes to those you care about.

Enjoy your family at home and friends via phone.

Appreciate your life with your loving attention.

Value yourself, your time and your resources.

Be Kind!

Be gentle with your thoughts and words.

Forgive your judgments and prejudices.

Learn from all mistakes, yours and others.

Treat yourself with respect and enjoy your life.

Be Productive!

Do what makes you happy and feel good.

Clean your home, letting go of excess stuff.

Do something to help others where needed.

Finish those projects you promised to do.

Be Creative!

Start painting, sewing, cooking or writing.

Learn a new language or new hobby.

Make your home beautiful and feel new again.

Rearrange furniture or renovate something old.

Be Happy!

Play cards or board games.

Listen to music and reminisce.

Start singing and dancing again.

Smile at yourself in the mirror.

Be Inspired!

Watch movies with positive messages.

Read books about your heroes

Listen to uplifting music.

Strengthen your faith with prayerful affirmations.

Always Loving You, 

Betty Lue