Saturday, November 21, 2020

Clear Conflict!


I resolve conflict with allowing differences.

I trust and respect individual choices.

I clear conflict hurt with forgiveness.

I let go of my position and listen to others.

Conflict Yields Pain!

When we are creating conflict, we cause pain.

Where there is separation, there is pain.

When there is animosity, there will be lack of love.

Where there is resentment, there will be discomfort.

How do you heal the conflict?

How to you bring healing?

How do you create unity?

How do you stop feeling pain?

 Children are often raised with pain.

Verbal, physical, emotional hurt causes pain.

Doing what is wrong hurts.

Causing upset to parents causes hurt.

Partners and families often hurt each other.

People withdraw and withhold love.

Folks are taught to be silent or argue.

Everyone seems to use hurtful energy to cause pain.

Pain is a wakeup call to do something healing and helpful.

Hurting one another must be used to find a better way.

Saying or doing what is blaming to others make things worse.

We can all learn from upsets and conflicts.

When hurt, ask “What can I do to help myself?”

When there is a conflict, ask “What can I learn from this?

When there are differences, ask “How can we both benefit?”

 Seek a “win-win” solution to conflicts.

“Win-Lose” solutions yield painful resentful energy.

No one benefits when either person loses or is hurt.

Resentment and guilt/blame conflict is the result of being right.

Neither person receives the best outcome when either one loses.

No matter what age, background or authority, there must be respect.

No matter what the disagreement, both parties can hear one another.

No matter how difficult the problem, there can be healing.

When we respect ourselves and our differences, all can be valued.

Take time to listen.

Allow all to fully express thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Open to alternative ways to accept the differences.

Trust in finding a way to negotiate what will work for all.

Accepting differences,

Betty Lue