Monday, September 07, 2020

Labor and Leisure

Be Safe.

Be Calm.

Be Happy. 

Be Healthy.



I celebrate and appreciate the Good in my life.

The more we love, trust and appreciate The Good, the more Good we have.

We together can share the Good and benefit everyone.

Life works for all, when we share our best with everyone.


Balancing Labor and Leisure


Are you willing to enjoy your work?

Are you able to enjoy your leisure?

Be healthy whatever you choose.

Be wise with how you balance your life.


You are the manager of your own life energy.

You are the decider of what is right for you.

You are the one who chooses what works.

Be sure that you know what you are doing!


Traditional jobs have hours to clock in and out.

Many jobs have overtime and pay more to overwork.

Consider whether it is worth it to you and your family.

Decide what you prefer to work for money or for love.


So how do you decide on your schedule?

How do you decide on your budget?

What do you do to experience the life you want?

How do you use your time and energy wisely?


I learned doing what you “want” to do pays for itself.

Doing what you “have” to do is a drain on energy.

Consider changing your thinking and attitude about work.

You can “want” to work for money because of the rewards it gives.


Use every extra moment to fulfill your energy with what you like.

Take time to explore what is really best for your leisure.

Sitting and watching tv, video or game may not be refreshing.

Waste not your valuable time and you will not resent your labor.


Stop and look at what you really want to do for enjoyment.

What do you like to do for entertainment?

How do you prefer to use your gifts and education?

What would make your life worthwhile?


Are you willing to treat yourself well?

Do you give yourself pleasure-filled activities?

Do you work because you want to?

Are you willing to enjoy the work you do?


Work with focus and excellence.

Feel Good about yourself and your accomplishments.

Play and renew yourself with wise choices and enjoyment.

Feel pleased about your use of time, money and energy.


Have a blessed Labor Day.

Betty Lue