Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Look Again!


I learn and listen from everyone and everything.

I easily set aside my position to listen to another.

I am open and willing to change my mind.

I release prejudice and judgment to seek only love.


See Things Differently


There are many perspectives.

You can look for the mistakes and see many.

You can look for the positives and see them as well.

You can simply see what is without the prejudice.


Prejudice means prejudging or already having an opinion.

With more experience and exposure to others’ opinions, we build our own.

When we look at a situation, we usually see it through our own filters.

Our past thoughts and feelings prejudice our current perceptions.


Do you see with rose colored glasses seeing with optimism?

Do you see things looking for what is wrong, dangerous or difficult?

Do you simply see what you see and withhold your judgment?

Life seems to be what you seek to see.


You can have one perception and then change your mind.

You can corroborate what you believe and want to see.

You can look for the misperception by simply erasing your original judgment.

Experiment by looking for what can be good or helpful by looking again.


The primary value of looking again is to gain more insight.

The gift of forgiveness is clearing my judgments to see what is needed.

The blessings of education is to seek more information to understand.

The work of healing is to see beyond the limitations of first impression.


Life gives us infinite opportunities to see things differently.

When we understand more, we often recognize the need.

When we know more about what is, we often see the opening to let go of prejudice.

When we are willing to see the situation with new eyes, we often accept more easily.


Some see the details and some have a global perspective.

Some focus on the now and some look toward the future outcome.

Some see with their mind and some see with their hearts.

It takes diverse points of view to see with a wiser vision.


When I want to be truly helpful, I seek to see beyond first glance.

When I want to be forgiving, I seek to see things differently.

When I want to be peaceful, I seek to learn more to understand.

When I want to be willing, I seek to find the opening to offer a blessing.


We each have much to do with our thoughts, our words and our actions.

We can all enable healing and peace and productive action when we clear our viewpoint.

We can choose to create constructive change unless we allow feeling to be destructive.

We are the ones who can step forward and make the change we want to see.


Hold on to hope, faith and healing love. 

See with open minds and willing hearts to do what is yours to do.

Loving you for your willingness,

Betty Lue