Tuesday, July 07, 2020

It’s Your Time!

I use my time wisely and well.
I engage my mind and body in meaningful, productive, inspiring activities. 
I put people first and do not interrupt my conversations.
I maintain my relationships in the more healthy and effective ways I know.

What Do You Do With Your Time?

It is all your time.
You can do as much or little as you want.
You can make up for lost time.
You can create no time at all.

Time really is ours to do what we want to do.
Some waste time.
Some use every minute.
Some feel pushed by time.

How do you feel about the time you have?
Do you enjoy how you use your time?
Are you a victim of the time you have?
Are you always rushed to get things done?

I have made friends with time.
I see it as a valuable resource.
I use time wisely and efficiently.
I like what I do with my time.

I seem to expand time as I have more to do.
I can create what I want with the time I have.
I like having a full schedule of happy activity.
So I choose to use time for happiness and fulfillment.

I love focus, so I focus on one thing at a time.
I trust I have enough time to get everything done.
Even at the last minute, I am using what I have.
I feel inspired and motivated to use my time well.

The house is neat and orderly, before I go to bed by 10 PM and up by 6:30AM
I wake up ready to make my bed and get ready for work and answer emails.
I listen, write and email my daily Loving Reminders usually in the AM.
I prepare food for lunch and handle laundry and other house needs.

 I am in my office phone, FaceTime or Skype with my clients for 6-8 hours daily.
Everything is as fun and fulfilling as everything else because I value it all.
I use my time in ways that feel helpful, beneficial, inspiring and fulfilling. 
I love my life and my life loves me.

Yes, I spend an hour or so daily with paperwork, phone calls and business.
I usually walk or do water exercise daily and eat organic vegetarian and drink plenty of water.
I keep myself inspired with loving and positive and appreciative thoughts and words.
I am dedicated to using my whole life well for the good of all.

Encouraging you to use what you have consciously with gratitude and joy.
Betty Lue