Thursday, June 04, 2020

Remember What Matters!

Media has value to learn facts. 
Make choices to think, speak and act better.
Communication matters when it inspires good.
Focus on what creates more of what you really want!

I remember that people matter.
I set aside outside interruptions and give what is important.
I trust my choice to focus on those right here and now.
I love to be focused on what really matters.

Remember What Matters!

Do You Care What Matters?
Are you paying attention to your life?
Do you make the choices?
Or does your life choose for you?

Do you feel obligated?
Are you duty bound?
Do you do what others tell you?
Are you distracted by temptations?

How much time are you on your phone?
Screen time and Facebook?
Are you addicted to media and staying connected?
What about your kids, your partner and your job?

What really matters to you?
Are you constantly on your phone?
Do you sit down and have dinner with your family?
Or is everyone focused on the TV?

If relationships matter to you, how do you show it?
Do you have conversations with people in person?
Are you creating space in your life to be with those you love?
Do you really care about the people that matter to you?
Try 24 hours without TV, phone, computer and technology.
If you cannot tolerate it, you have an addiction.
If you find you don't enjoy sharing face to fact,  you may have forgotten what matters.

Family matters.
Our partner matters.
Our children matter.
And of course, you matter.

How about Quiet in your home without TV.
Share Love with appreciation.
Learn to listen to one another.
Play games together—board games or cards.

How about activities that teach fun and cooperation?
Cook, play instruments, sing, tell stories, reading.
Share memories, garden, take walks.
Paint a room and create beauty.

I believe we all make a difference when we give our full attention on what matters,
Blessing all of us for choosing to listen and love.
Betty Lue

Every Loving Reminder is a prayer of Love for all Humanity.
Thank for joining with me as you read and reflect on them.
Every affirmation you acknowledge is a prayer.

Thank you for seeing the power of Positive thought.
Every time you trust with affirming thoughts, you are sending your prayer.
Thank you for believing!